Members of the same team can view all of their fellow team members' solutions by navigating to the page for the team and clicking on the Activity tab. You will have access to team members' solutions, even if you have not submitted a solution to the same problem yourself.

Teams can be public or private. A public team will appear in search results, and people can apply for membership to the team.

Joining a Team

To join an existing public team in Exercism, navigate to the team search page and search for the team by name or by tag.

If you wish to join a private team, contact a manager of the team and request membership in the team.

Creating a Team

To create a team in Exercism, navigate to your account settings page.

Scroll down to the teams section and click "Create a new team".

  1. Choose whether your team should be public.
  2. Enter the URL slug you would like for your team.
  3. Enter your team name.
  4. Enter the GitHub usernames of the users you would like to add to your team.
  5. Add a description for your team.
  6. (Public only) Enter any additional tags you'd like using comma separated values. If people search on any of these terms, your team will appear in the search results.

Managing Your Team

If you are a manager of the team, you can perform the following functions by clicking on the Manage tab:

  1. Change whether the team is public.
  2. Change the URL slug.
  3. Edit the team name.
  4. Update the description.
  5. Add or remove tags.
  6. Delete the team.
  7. Add a manager.
  8. Remove a manager.
  9. Invite members.
  10. Remove members.

A manager's code will not automatically be included in the team's activity stream. If you, as a manager, wish to include your solutions in the team's activity stream, add yourself to the team as a member as well.